Scope of Services

Comprehensive Risk Assessment of Water and Wastewater supply systems

· Process audits

· Blue, Green and No Drop Audits and Improvement Plans:

· Water Safety Plans and Wastewater Risk Abatement Plans

· Incident Management Protocols

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Application for municipal, commercial and industrial clients

·       Upgrade/refurbishment/optimisation of water and wastewater supply systems

·       Legal compliance Audits

The comprehensive risk assessment comprises various components  which can be provided separately or combined to ensure integrated risk management as per the infographic:

·       Process audits: Evaluate plant performance against design with regards to quality and quantity.

·       Blue, Green and No Drop audits and Improvement Plans: audit against requirements to provide baseline and target score with required actions  for improvement per criteria.

·       Risk assessment of entire supply system from catchment to consumer(water) or collection to environment(wastewater). This is conducted as per World Health Organisations Water Safety Planning guidelines and provides comprehensive implementation plan to reduce risks.

·       Risk Tracking and annual review of risk plan.

·       Risk-based Monitoring programs for water and wastewater including Critical Control points.

·       Incident Management Protocols for water and wastewater supply systems.


Operational support for Water and Wastewater Systems

·       O & M manuals and Maintenance schedules

·       Asset management Strategies and Plans

·       Review of Municipal Bylaws,

·       Site-specific Training

Additional services

·       Energy efficiency audits of Wastewater Treatment Plants

·       Water Quality Verification audits for commercial clients

·       Evaluation of Treatment technologies & process design

·       Ozone lab testing

·       Scientific studies related to water

Containerised Water and Wastewater Plants

Supply of site-specific containerised water and wastewater plants for schools, hospitals, mines, farms, commercial properties.

Water Quality Testing kits

ILab Water Testing Kits to verify safety of water

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The ILab Water test kits was developed to enable ordinary citizens to verify the safety of their drinking water.

  • The test kit is easy to use, similar to the test strips for swimming pools
  • Tests can be conducted by anyone on site and test kit contains all required equipment with  full instruction booklet. There is an instruction video as well.
  • Tests are based on standard methods used throughout the world.
  • Rigorous testing was conducted to verify accuracy of the test against standard laboratory methods.
  • Measures 14 major water quality determinants
    • Chemical: Fluoride, Total Hardness, Free Chlorine, Iron, Copper, Lead, Nitrate, Nitrite, Total Alkalinity. pH, Phosphate, Ammonia
    • Microbiological: E.Coli and Faecal Coliforms
      •  The E.Coli test provides presence/absence results in 48 hr.
      • Cost for E.Coli test is only R 40 per sample compared to R 350 per sample if conducted by a laboratory.
      • This is an internationally accepted test that is used all over the world
  • The iLab testing kit comes with the use the iLab Dashboard, that is specifically designed to make it easier to interpret the results of the tests.

–       iLab will register one Company admin person from the company on the Dashboard.

–      The company can then add all staff / people that will do tests with the kits, on the Dashboard.

–      The Dashboard allows you to capture all results of the tests on this electronic platform and then give you a       result that will indicate if the water is safe or not safe to use.

For more information and to order the kits, see link below

Upgrade/Refurbishment of water and wastewater supply systems.

Inception, concept & viability, design development, documentation and procurement.