Supporting the Development of Standards for Water Use Efficiency and Water Safety in Buildings: March 2022

Calling all building owners and facilities managers: homes, offices, factories, retail spaces, public spaces, etc.
Did you know there is currently no legislation for water quality in buildings? The National Water Act and Water Services Act gives responsibility for provision of sufficient, safe water to municipalities up to point of entry into buildings. Once the water enters a private dwelling, the onus is on the property owner to effectively utilise the water and ensure there is no additional contamination from external sources.
As a property owner, do you regularly flush out storage tanks? Do you monitor for Legionella in hot water systems ? Do you monitor potential for biofilm growth in the network?
Please assist this WRC-funded Project by completing survey that will assist in addressing current gaps in legislation with regards to water safety and water use efficiency in buildings.
Survey is totally anonymous, closing data extended to 31s March 2021.

Ayesha Laher