Water Quality Verification audits for your building, home, factory: May 2019

We conduct water quality verification audits of all facilities to ensure your water is safe for human consumption as per the National Drinking Water Standards SANS 241:2015. The Standard outlines the list of determinants, acceptable limits for each determinants and the need for a risk assessment of the supply system to identify any additional current and potential risks i.e.

1. Analysis of all determinants as per SANS 241(52 in total) including bacteria, viruses, protozoa and metals, conducted by a

2. Risk assessment of supply system: pipes, storage tanks, pumps, on-site treatment units as per SANS 241 requirements

Cost of basic assessment of building = R19 941,00 (Including VAT, excluding travel)

1. Site inspection of supply system to identify potentials risks to water supply: basement tanks, pump, pipes and storage tanks on roof.

2. Collection and analysis of two sample points:

• Source: before water enters storage tanks – this represents the water entering the building and should be the same as the municipal supply.

• Tap: sample in the building after the storage tank – this will show the actual water being consumed and will show potential risks associated with on-site storage and reticulation network.

3. Detailed report including:

• Risk assessment of infrastructure to evaluate condition, integrity and functionality

• Water quality evaluation against SANS 241 limits

• List of recommendations including point-of use solutions if required.

• Guidelines on development of monitoring program and incident reporting

* Travel charged at R4.50/km from Pretoria.

** Risk assessment and report completed by registered professional scientist

Ayesha Laher