WISA 2018 – ICC Cape Town Workshop on Groundwater use by commercial sector in WC

The drought in the Western Cape has turned the focus to alternative water supply for the commercial sector who require a sustainable supply of potable water to remain in business. The use of groundwater has traditionally been restricted to domestic and farming use in rural areas but is increasingly being used to supply commercial clients who are faced with the following challenges:

  • Restriction on quantity: The amount of groundwater available for private use is based on size of the property as per the revised General authorization of Section 22(1) of the National Water Act: this restricts groundwater use by commercial and industrial users who have a small footprint compared to farmers.
  • Lack of knowledge on the legislative requirements including water use license applications, borehole registration, borehole drilling, compliance with local bylaws.
  • Responsibility of providing potable water: Duties of Water Services Intermediary as per National Water Act and the Water Services Act for treatment, operations, monitoring and management of the water supply systems (Blue Drop Certification + SANS 241)

The aim of this workshop is to disseminate information and open dialogue on this subject.

Ayesha Laher

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